It’s been 2 weeks since Texas lifted its mask mandate. Here’s how business owners are handling it

Ruben Onsu

Gov. Greg Abbott announced March 2 that he was lifting the mask mandate. A week later, businesses of all types were allowed to open to 100% capacity. On top of that, people who decide to not wear masks can’t be punished by law, Abbott’s mandate says.

“It’s amazing what people, what kind of people there are that will go out of their way to have their two cents put in that they’re against having to wear a mask,” said Wayne LaCombe, co-owner at Legends Diner in Denton, Texas. “I would imagine that 75% of the calls that we get
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Congress Helped Their Businesses During the Pandemic. Then They Attacked the Capitol

Ruben Onsu

Before Brandon Straka was storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, he was a hair-dressing, #WalkAway-tweeting MAGA influencer—taking in tens of thousands of dollars in government pandemic money.

According to The Daily Beast’s review of records from the Project On Government Oversight’s Covid Tracker, Straka is one of at least nine individuals facing charges stemming from the Capitol riots who received special coronavirus funds through small business loan programs over the last year. And Straka is far from the only notable insurrectionists among the group.

Collectively, these business owners took in more than $227,000 from three small business relief initiatives—the

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Harris County deputy shoots business owner who mistakenly shot at him

Ruben Onsu

Photo of Anna Bauman

A Harris County sheriff’s deputy shot a 72-year-old business owner who mistook him for a burglary suspect and fired shots late Monday, officials said.


A 72-year-old business owner fired shots at a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy late Monday after mistaking him for a burglary suspect, police said. The deputy returned gunfire, wounding the man in the shoulder.

The older man reported a burglary around 11:45 p.m. at his business on the 13000 block of Ralph Culver Road in northwest Harris County, said Susan Cotter,

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U.S. Covid Response, Business Spur, Mexicans Head North: Eco Day

Ruben Onsu

Welcome to Tuesday, Americas. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the day.

  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will enter a heatedly partisan arena on Tuesday to kick off two days of congressional hearings assessing the economic policy response to the Covid-19 crisis
  • The velocity of the U.S. economy’s post-pandemic rebound hinges on more than just an increasingly capable consumer, and business spending appears poised to deliver its own boost
  • Swelling numbers of Mexicans are heading north across the border, propelled by a deep economic crash
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What’s Good for the Ocean May Also Be Good for Business

Ruben Onsu

Others, too, see the value of working with industry groups. Whale Safe is an initiative from the University of California Santa Barbara to help big ships avoid hitting whales as they travel through ports around Los Angeles. The program came, in part, as a response to shipping companies asking for help, according to Douglas McCauley, a professor of ocean science at U.C.S.B.

Ship strikes, as they are known, are among the leading causes of death for whales, and 2018 and 2019 were the worst years on record for collisions on the West Coast, with 27 total resulting in 22 deaths,

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Help Gugs organic veggie gardener grow his business and assist his community

Ruben Onsu

Manelisi Makupata is passionate about healthy eating and providing youngsters with skills to keep them away from gangs.

“If you love the plants, they will grow!”

That’s how Manelisi Makupata sums up the success of his urban farm venture in Gugulethu.

He grows organic vegetables, herbs and also some vines.

Image: Manelisi’s Urban Farm on Facebook @manelisiurbanfarm

Manelisi’s Urban Farm provides seasonal produce to the community and sells at a number of markets.

On Weekend Breakfast, Makupata describes how he first picked up gardening skills helping his father as a child.

He encourages community members to start their own small

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