3 Obstacles Getting in the Way of Your Financial Independence

Ruben Onsu

Struggling to chart a course to financial freedom? These three obstacles may be getting in your way. Here’s how you can navigate around them.

Financial independence: the ultimate goal of many an adult on the planet. But while gaining financial independence is high up on the to-do list for a lot of people, the route you need to take to get there isn’t always cut and dried.

Financial freedom has a different meaning for each person. For some, it means making enough to support a family. For others, it means a life free of credit card bills and mortgage payments.

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JPMorgan shoots for green finance stratosphere as ESG target tops peer plans

Ruben Onsu

A sign outside JP Morgan Chase & Co. offices is seen in New York City, U.S., March 29, 2021. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) aims to lend, invest and provide other financial services for up to $2.5 trillion of banking business to be done for companies and projects tackling climate change and social inequality over the next decade.

In a statement on Thursday, JPMorgan said green initiatives will account for $1 trillion of that total – the largest environmental, sustainable and governance (ESG) financing target announced by a U.S. bank to date.

That could mean lending or investing

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How much money should I spend on Coinbase stock? Financial advisers offer guidance to young investors

Ruben Onsu

There’s investing with “play money” and then there’s playing with fire.

As Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, goes public, financial advisers want you to remember the difference.

With retail investor ranks swelling, there’s growing allure in finding and profiting off the next new thing.

Enter Coinbase
a platform with 56 million verified users that enables the purchase and sale of crytpocurrencies such as Bitcoin

and Ethereum, which appear to just keep increasing in value.

When Coinbase shares hit the market Wednesday afternoon, they were initially priced at $381. Within the first hour of

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Heidi Heitkamp on a financial literacy lesson rarely discussed

Ruben Onsu

Ask any expert why financial literacy is important, and you will get a vigorous discussion on how financial literacy will help Americans maximize their earning, prepare for retirement, help eliminate mental health stress, and make smarter consumer decisions.

All of that is incredibly important, but what is hardly ever discussed is that financial education is critical to good citizenship. As voters we make political judgments about the economic policies of a candidate for office. How do we do that if we do not understand the basics of the tax system or the challenges of compound interest, not only on a

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Personal Finance: Hedge Funds Look Ready to Come Out of Wilderness

Ruben Onsu

Photographer: Natalie Behring/Getty Images

There’s no shortage of shiny objects for investors to chase these days, from Bitcoin to SPACs to NFTs to pot stocks to GameStop and green energy. Notably missing from the list are equity hedge funds, and they have been for many years. But that may be about to change. 

Equity hedge funds once ruled the investing world. During their heyday in the 1990s and 2000s, hedgies seemed to have a freakish gift for picking stocks, racking up big returns for their clients and themselves.

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Why robo-advisors may never replace human financial advisors

Ruben Onsu

Since launching more than a decade ago, robo-advisors – online investment services that offer financial advice driven by algorithms – have grown into an industry that managed $460 billion in 2020.

That’s a 30% increase from 2019.

Some analysts predict robo-advising will become a $1.2 trillion industry by 2024.

“Investors historically have had two options when it comes to managing their investments. They could do it themselves through something like an online broker or you can work with a financial advisor,” said Brian Concannon, head of digital advisor at Vanguard.

“Now, with the advent of robo-advisors, there’s a third option,

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