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In October 2020, China unveiled its Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”), the draft of a set of rules aimed at regulating privacy law.

PIPL is meant to complete China’s regulatory framework on privacy, which was launched with the 2016 Cybersecurity Law. China, like other major world powers, is fully aware that “information is power” and to be up to date as situations develop, means for them to be able not only to react quickly but also to control the nature of the information.

PIPL looks like a “little sister” to EU Regulation 2016/679 (“

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David Cameron lobbied for NHS staff’s personal data

Ruben Onsu

Former UK prime minister David Cameron lobbied the NHS for access to staff’s personal data, weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cameron was acting on behalf of financial services firm Greensill Capital, which he had financial interest in. His work for the firm, which filed for administration in March 2021, has led to increased scrutiny of private companies’ lobbying.

Greensill had acquired two startups – the Australian app Earnd and UK provider FreeUp, both of which offer earned wage access (EWA) services, allowing users to receive advance salary payments.

In an email dated March 2020, published by The Sunday Times [behind

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Jasen Lee: Derek Chauvin verdict is personal to Deseret News writer

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Guilty on all charges! After a three-week trial, a now former Minneapolis police officer is convicted for the killing of an unarmed Black man that sparked protests worldwide, including in downtown Salt Lake City. While this may bring a sense of justice and “victory” to so many, can there be any winners in such a horrific tragedy?

How does one find solace in the incarceration and condemnation of a fellow human being? How does one reconcile the simultaneous feeling of relief that some modicum of justice has been served for the needless death of a man whose life was brutally

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Overcoming personal finance and debt in 2021/during the pandemic

Ruben Onsu

By Ricky Singh, Founder of SupplyLife

The past year has no doubt caused financial difficulties for many whether this is due to a loss of job, health or increased responsibilities. However, you can overcome personal finance issues and debt this year and be in a better place financially, this article will provide you insight on ways you can do just that.

Be realistic with your finances

The first step to overcoming personal finance problems is to be honest with yourself. You can do so by setting up a budget, this way you can see what your income is and what

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Facebook Wants to ‘Normalize’ the Mass Scraping of Personal Data

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Image: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Hacking. Disinformation. Surveillance. CYBER is Motherboard’s podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of the internet.

Facebook wants to “normalize” the idea that large scale scraping of user data from social networks like its own is a common occurrence, as the company continues to face fallout from a leak of over 500 million Facebook users’ phone numbers.

Facebook’s position came to light in an internal email accidentally sent by a Facebook representative to a journalist at Dutch publication DataNews. Facebook confirmed the authenticity of the email to Motherboard.

Under the heading “LONG-TERM STRATEGY,”

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Personal and work-related factors can increase risk for neck pain

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With roughly 80% of jobs being sedentary, often requiring several hours of sitting stooped in front of a computer screen, neck pain is a growing occupational hazard. Smartphones and other devices have also caused people to bend their necks for prolonged periods. But is bad posture solely to blame?

In a recent study, researchers at Texas A&M University have found that while poor neck and head postures are indeed the primary determinants of neck pain, body mass index, age and the time of the day also influence the neck’s ability to perform sustained or repeated movements.

Neck pain is

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