Fraudulent insurance claim costs Wellington man over $31,700

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WELLINGTON, Kan. (WIBW) – A Wellington man has been ordered to pay over $31,700 after he was found to have filed a fraudulent insurance claim in 2017.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says Mychael Hauss, 53, of Wellington, has been ordered to pay $31,755 in restitution after he pleaded guilty to insurance fraud.

According to Schmidt, Hauss was sentenced on Tuesday in Sumner Co. District Court for one count of fraudulent insurance act and one count of forgery. He said Hauss pleaded guilty on May 25.

In addition to the restitution, Schmidt said District Court Judge William R. Mott imposed

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Hundreds of Pinellas homeowners could see flood insurance requirement changes

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PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A new FEMA flood insurance rate map is going into effect on August 24. Pinellas County leaders want residents to know their insurance rates could be changing, which may impact the amount homeowners pay for their premium.

Jayne Dunn has lived in her Oldsmar home for 21 years and says she’s never had a problem with flooding.

“I’ve never had anything to do with a flood, never made a claim on my hazard insurance,” she explained.

That’s why a letter she received in the mail last week took her by surprise. The letter explained that her

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Does USAA Insurance knock hailstorm roofing claims down and by doing so, hurt its military members?

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USAA Insurance promises to loyally serve its veteran members and their families. But that may not always be so according to a lawsuit, Kraig Vandewalle vs. USAA.

Thousands of lawsuits are filed against insurance companies in Texas every year. The Watchdog examined one to study a process used to deny claims.

Vandewalle is a retired Air Force colonel from San Antonio. According to his lawsuit, USAA declined to pay for a replacement roof after a hailstorm.

Clare P. Rodgers, his lawyer, received during pre-trial discovery a cache of internal emails from USAA and Allcat Claims Service of Boerne, a company

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House destroyed in mudslide not covered by insurance

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Clyde Romero Jr. lost everything when a flash flood caused mud and debris to push his home into the Poudre River.

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — In just an instant, a lifetime of dreams was washed away Tuesday night for Clyde Romero Jr.

“I got a key to my house, but no house to go to,” Romero said. “It’s gone. It’s obliterated.”

Romero lives along the Poudre River on Black Hollow Road near the town of Rustic on Highway 14. 

“This was my place. It was my dream home. I had it for three years,” Romero said. “It was awesome. It

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Looking to Buy a Tesla Car? You May Want to Price Insurance First

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When drivers upgrade their cars, they often forget that insurance costs may also rise. Insurance on luxury vehicles often costs more than less expensive counterparts. However, the safety features on these cars may help offset some of the factors that drive up insurance prices, including the vehicles’ higher prices and increased repair costs.

Musk Says: Elon Musk: ‘I Lose Money on Bitcoin’ But Tesla Likely to Accept It as Payment Again
Financial Planning: The Cost To Buy Electric Cars With the Longest Range

The Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle was recently voted by Consumer Reports

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Global insurance recovery will be faster, stronger than in 2008 -Swiss Re

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The logo of insurance company Swiss Re is seen in front of its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland February 12, 2019. REUTERS/Arnd WIegmann/File Photo

NEW YORK, July 23 (Reuters) – The global insurance industry is poised to recover more quickly and forcefully from the pandemic than it did after the 2008 financial crisis, despite such obstacles as low interest rates and inflation risk, insurer Swiss Re AG’s (SRENH.S) chief Americas economist said on Friday.

Unlike the prior crisis, the pandemic did not weaken insurers’ overall capitalization or financial strength, which allows companies to write new coverage and increase revenue, economist Thomas

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